Democrats Spar Over Single-Payer

In last night’s second Democratic primary debate, health care proved a contentious issue sure to divide and define candidates. It boiled down to a “battle between aspiration and pragmatism,” The New York Times reports.

divided the Democrats into 3 camps: those—namely Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren—who support a full overhaul in favor of a single-payer system; those wary of the political fallout from such an upheaval; and those who want to meet in the middle with a non-obligatory public option.  

While critics say the single-payer option could prove exorbitantly expensive, Bernie Sanders stressed the benefits of slashing out-of-pocket health costs.  

Democrats know their stance on health care is crucial. Republicans were buoyed by Obamacare’s unmet promise that people could keep their insurance plans if they wanted; the Trump administration supports a lawsuit aiming to invalidate Obamacare altogether.

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