Elephantiasis on its Way Out of Malawi

Later this month, Malawi will submit evidence to the WHO that it has eliminated lymphatic filariasis, meaning its prevalence has fallen below 1%.
The parasite causes the debilitating, stigmatizing elephantiasis and excessive scrotal swelling in men—and in 2003 was endemic in much of the country.
A decade ago Malawi’s efforts to tackle the neglected disease was “supercharged” with funding from the UK government and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. For 5 years, trained volunteers mass administered 2 treatment drugs—and the parasite’s prevalence plummeted in children, showing promise that future generations could be shielded from infection.
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July 14, 2019

fist i appriciated the efforts of malawi eliminated lymphatic filariasis,here im my country ,Ethiopia ,the African country lymphatic filariasis has high prevance especially Amahra region ,therefore i reccomended the project to work here and we are readiy to work with your hounorable school and projec, i am also public health professional with BSC in public health and Master of public health in epidemiology and now i had worked as lecturer in bahirdar health science college,thank you

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