Goma Patient Dies, Now the Hunt for Contacts

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are appealing for calm after the death of the first recorded Ebola patient in the key transit city of Goma, France24 reports.
The WHO said a confirmed case in a city this large—something that has long been feared—was a “potential game changer” and that the agency would, for the fourth time, consider declaring the outbreak an international emergency.
The evangelical preacher passed through 3 health checkpoints and visited several churches before reaching the city, AP reports.
Health authorities have begun tracing the patient’s contacts to contain Ebola’s spread in the city—and stop high-risk contacts from getting on planes.

Pledging another $63 million to fight the outbreak, British development minister Rory Stewart called on fellow G7 nations Canada and France to funnel more money into the cause, Reuters reports.

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