Like Nothing in Living Memory

Previous fluctuations in the Earth’s climate pale in comparison to what we’re seeing now, a new study published yesterday in Nature confirms.
The study, led by the University of Bern’s Raphael Neukom, explored a massive data pool and showed that despite periods of warming over at least the last 2,000 years, there was nothing as globally coherent as the uniform heat spike we’re seeing now. "It's true that during the Little Ice Age it was generally colder across the whole world," Neukom explains, "but not everywhere at the same time,” ScienceDaily reports.
And yet, as Yarrow Axford of Northwestern University tells The Atlantic, the idea that the planet has already weathered universal threats remains “perennially popular with nonexperts who want to sow doubt about the significance of the dramatic and truly global warming that has occurred in the past century.”

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