“Simply Appalling”

More than 7,500 children have lost their lives or been wounded in Yemen during 5-plus years of relentless conflict, according to a UN report published Friday, TIME reports.
Thousands of children have been recruited by warring parties, and hundreds detained for such associations.
These verified figures are likely a low estimate as monitoring becomes increasingly difficult. The children’s suffering is “simply appalling,” said the UN’s Virginia Gamba.
According to UNICEF, “essential services in Yemen are on the verge of total collapse,” the Middle East Monitor reports.
Over 1.25 million government employees’ salaries have been suspended for over 2.5 years, including doctors and social workers. The maternal mortality rate has risen sharply from 5 deaths per day in 2013 to 12 in 2018—and children who have lost their mothers in the conflict stand little chance of surviving.

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