Street Food from the Heavens?

“It was like seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time at the Louvre,” gushed Lincoln Boehm, the Californian who found on a Queens sidewalk perhaps the only culinary delicacy not available to New Yorkers: an In-N-Out burger. The cult favorite find set off a viral firestorm of speculation—even AOC tweeted about it, The New York Times reports.

Alien invasion? Maybe. A marketing stunt hinting at In-N-Out's East Coast debut? Wishful thinking.

Boehm fielded many potential origin stories, but “after soft interrogation, their claims completely fell apart,” he wrote of the saga in VICE. Until Helen Vivas. The 16-year-old smuggled 4 burgers back from LA, she said. The bag got soggy. One fell out. She sent screenshotted evidence. 

Yet one mystery still remains: What happened to the other 3 burgers? Our investigators suspect—and they could be wrong—that Helen ate them.  

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