“A Very Dark Moment” in America

A federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to allow medical professionals to access facilities detaining children near the border with Mexico, amid reports that the children are being held in deplorable conditions, Newsweek reports.

Nicole Austin-Hillery, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s US program, told Newsweek that the conditions she saw in Clint were “heart-wrenching,” with inadequate access to food, water and basic sanitation. Her group was also blocked from visiting “sick ward” at the facility; Elora Mukharjee told Slate this is in clear violation of the law protecting children in federal immigration custody.

A group of Congressional Democrats touring detention camps yesterday said the conditions were abysmal. Some reported that border agents told detained migrants to drink from the toilets in their cells if they needed water, Quartz reports.
The Quote: “There is nothing that has been more difficult in my recollection, in my lifetime, than what we are experiencing today. This is a very dark moment in American history,” Rep. Veronica Escobar told the New Yorker.

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