What Happened to "Never Again"?

A case of Ebola has been confirmed near the South Sudan/Democratic Republic of the Congo border after a 40-year-old woman exposed to the virus defied warnings not to travel, AP reports.
This is the closest the DRC’s outbreak has come to South Sudan. The outbreak has reached Uganda, too.
Ebola’s terrifying momentum has left many doubting that the lessons learned and pledges made after the 2014-2016 outbreak in West Africa have taken root, reports Emily Baumgaertner in the Los Angeles Times.
As violence continues to hamper response efforts, resources don't come close to those that helped end the West Africa outbreak. “This time, the U.S. and other key global powers are mostly watching from the sidelines,” Baumgaertner writes.

Multiple times, the WHO has opted out of declaring an international emergency that would trigger a heftier response on all sides.

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