Will Congress Give in to Gun Research?

In the 1990s, following an NRA anti-research campaign, US lawmakers squashed any potential for federally funded firearm studies. A deadly scarcity of research followed. If passed, a new proposed bill allocating $50 million for gun violence research could change that—and scientists must seize the opportunity, urge the editors of Scientific American.

But policymakers must also amp up their ambitions, writes German Lopez in Vox.

Despite their fervor on the topic, most Democrats on the 2020 campaign trail lack of fresh ideas on gun control. For decades Democrats have touted the same safe wish list—universal background checks, assault rifle bans and taking guns away from dangerous people. Those won’t stop mass shootings like the tragedy in Gilroy, California on Sunday, the Mercury News reports.

Lawmakers must tackle the tougher, deeper root of the problem—the sheer volume of guns, Lopez writes.

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