2 Years on, Rohingya Have No Plans for Return

200,000 Rohingya gathered peacefully yesterday to mark “Genocide Day,” 2 years after a brutal military crackdown in Myanmar (Burma) drove 740,000 Rohingya into Bangladesh, Al Jazeera reports.
So far, repatriation offers have received no takers. At the rally, Rohingya prayed and demanded specific rights—including citizenship—before they return.
Almost a million Rohingya now inhabit the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar.
Meanwhile, satellite images reveal what's happening on the ground, according to The New Humanitarian

Satellite GIFs visualize a refugee camp in Bangladesh swelling to the size of a city, as individual space shrank to a tiny 10 square meters per person.

Other images show the razing and rebuilding of villages in Rakhine State and the warp-speed construction of a potential backup camp precariously situated on a silt island in the Bay of Bengal.

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