Brace Yourself for “Big Shower”

If you don’t feel think shower knobs should be standardized, perhaps you haven’t met Gabriella Paiella’s nemesis.

In her hotel shower, she noticed that one side’s settings appeared to be “Doric column” and “messed up toothbrush.”
Undaunted, she turned a knob, only to be blasted with a torrent of freezing water. In the 30 seconds it took to adjust, she says, your “cumulative failures flash before your eyes. You’re incompetent. You’ve accomplished nothing.
The most twisted part: The design forces you to stare into a mirrored slab as you fumble to gain control.

Now Paiella has a mission: Make all shower knobs the same. Brace yourself now for “Big Shower” to put up a fight.


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