Can Burning Man Filter Out Instagrammers?

The ultimate—and perhaps only—anticapitalist utopia in the desert, Burning Man has weathered many an identity crisis. But last year was set aflame with contradiction when “the playa” became a victim of its own Instagrammability, according to Fast Company.
Moths to the Burning Man flame, influencers arrived en masse, wielding “Brand Me.” They committed cardinal “burner” sins like posting about aspirational products. A 70-year-old burner was kicked off of an “art car” for not being a “hot girl.” 

As they slumbered in $20,000 a week encampments, influencers cast a dusty cloud over the spirit of the event.

Does inclusivity mean embracing influencers? organizers pondered. Apparently not. This year they sought to re-purify the experience with a manual on “Cultural Course Correcting.”

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