Drugs Trial Unveils a Winning Pair

2 new Ebola drugs boast a 90% survival rate when administered shortly after infection, according to an unprecedented clinical trial in the DRC, reports Amy Maxmen in Nature.
Tested in Ebola hotspots, the drugs REGN-EB3 and mAB114 outperformed ZMapp—which had shown promise during the West Africa Ebola outbreak—and Gilead’s remdesivir.
Announced yesterday, the findings mark the first time an Ebola treatment was shown to improve survival rates in infected patients, Helen Branswell reports in STAT. Experts are optimistic that the drugs’ effectiveness will encourage patients to seek treatment early—currently people are waiting 5-6 days after noticing symptoms.
The trial’s unique design allows it to stop and start as needed amid the ongoing violence that has inhibited response efforts. It can even incorporate data from future outbreaks. But the enormity of the current DRC outbreak meant there were enough patients to draw conclusions.

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