New Drug Greenlit for Terrifying TB Strain

Yesterday the FDA greenlit a hugely promising drug for a form of TB that has long been a death sentence, The New York Times reports.
Pretomanid is part of a 3-drug regimen that proved 90% effective against extensively drug-resistant TB, according to preliminary trial results from South Africa.  
XDR-TB has an abysmal 34% cure rate with typical treatment, which can involve dozens of daily pills for years. This latest 3-drug approach requires just 5 daily pills for 6 months.

The drug, developed by the nonprofit TB Alliance, is just the third FDA-approved TB drug in 40 years. It is slated for release in the US by the end of this year and is now poised for worldwide use.
The next hurdle for the nonprofit, urged Médecins Sans Frontières, is ensuring the treatment is affordable and available to all who need it.


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