No Flu Vax for Migrants, and New Rules to Come

Migrants in custody at the US border do not receive the flu vaccine, and officials have no plan to change that, The Hill reports.
The policy was revealed after Harvard and Johns Hopkins doctors requested a congressional investigation into detention center conditions following the deaths of at least 3 children that were linked to the flu virus.
Migrant children receive full medical screenings, but only after being transferred from Customs and Border Protection detention centers to the Department of Health and Human Services. But as children are held for prolonged periods in dangerously overcrowded CBP facilities, those screenings may come too late.
And this week, the Trump administration is expected to erode migrant protections even further with new regulations that could enable longer family detentions, revise the minimum standard of care and upend the 1997 Flores agreement that detailed strict protections for migrant children, The New York Times reports.

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