Planned Parenthood Bows out of Title X

Planned Parenthood opted out of federal funding yesterday rather than comply with Trump administration rules that would bar them from making abortion referrals, The New York Times reports.
Planned Parenthood has relied on the Title X funding program to provide reproductive health services for more than 1.5 million low-income women. The organization provides care for 40% of all Title X patients. It also receives Medicaid funding.
The move is a victory for anti-abortion groups who have long wanted to defund the organization.
Planned Parenthood and other organizations say the new rule disrupts the doctor-patient relationship by denying women the full range of relevant medical information. Officials say the decision to leave the program abandons an obligation to patients and will mean longer wait times and more costly reproductive health services, NPR reports.
The rule remains in effect while court challenges are underway.

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