Survivors Face a “Life Sentence of Pain”

After mass shootings, like those in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, medical workers “set aside their emotions” and spring into action, writes Gina Kolata in a New York Times article.
Yet even when they succeed, survivors often face a future of suffering.
In an AP story, Lindsay Whitehurst describes a 2007 shooting survivor in Utah who says she has lead poisoning from 300 shotgun pellets left in her body—“a life sentence of pain,” her friend says. It’s an area that calls for more research, says Indiana University professor Gabriel Filippelli.
Many survivors will also struggle with the emotional impact as well—and medical workers are not immune, Kolata writes in her NYT piece. El Paso ER physician Nancy Weber fears many may struggle with post-traumatic stress.
“What has to change?” Weber asks. “We have to do something. Why aren’t we?”


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