An Unhappy Anniversary

A year ago today, the WHO confirmed the first 4 Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s latest outbreak. Back then, hopes were high that a vaccine could squash the outbreak quickly. Experts now say it could drag on for months or years, NPR reports.

Rwanda has closed its border with the DRC to stem the spread—the day after the WHO lauded countries for keeping their borders open, AP reports. There is growing concern that Ebola could cross into Rwanda from the DRC city of Goma—where a 1-year-old girl is showing symptoms after her father died of the disease.

11 new cases were identified yesterday alone, bringing the tally to 2,698, and 1,811 deaths, CIDRAP reports. 1 in 3 are children, and “Every single 'case' is someone who has gone through an unimaginable ordeal,” noted a WHO/UN joint statement.

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