Climate Adaptation: Plan Now or Pay Later

Investing $1.8 trillion in climate adaptation over the next decade would pay more than “triple dividends” worth $7.1 trillion, according to an analysis by the Global Commission on Adaptation, published ahead of the UN Climate Summit set for later this month, BBC reports.
Countries that contribute least to climate change bear the bulk of its burden, leaving richer countries with a moral obligation to mitigate damage, said the commission, whose leaders include Bill Gates and Ban Ki-Moon.
Some worthy investments:

  • Early warning systems for communities vulnerable to extreme weather events
  • Helping farmers switch to drought-resistant coffee crops
  • Safeguarding underwater mangrove forests that protect millions of people from coastal flooding

On the flip side, neglecting opportunities for adaptation poses dire risks. The report warns: “The question is how will the world respond: Will we delay and pay more or plan ahead and prosper?”

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