Collective Failure and Responsibility in Yemen

Five years into a conflict that has left 80% of Yemen’s population in need of humanitarian aid, the UN has issued a broad and scathing report detailing violations of international human rights and humanitarian law by all sides in the conflict.

A year of investigations by the Group of International and Regional Eminent Experts on Yemen found a disturbing pattern of violations ranging from arbitrary detention to sexual violence to child recruitment—and “a pervasive lack of accountability” for these violations.

Washington Post reporting details violations enabled by members of the Saudi-led coalition, including the US, Britain, and France, such as intentionally starving Yemenis, supplying arms, and providing intelligence leading to airstrikes that have killed civilians.

“The international community must stop turning a blind eye to these violations and the intolerable humanitarian situation,” said Kamel Jendoubi, chairperson of the Group of Experts on Yemen.

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