Lancet Commission: Eradicate Malaria by 2050

Wiping out malaria by 2050 is a lofty—but achievable—goal, according to a landmark report published yesterday by The Lancet Commission on malaria eradication.
41 malariologists, biomedical scientists, economists, and health policy experts rebuffed last month's WHO-led malaria review that concluded eradication cannot be achieved any time soon and warned against “setting unrealistic goals with unknown costs and endpoints,” Reuters reports.
The Lancet Commission analyzed new epidemiological and financial data to conclude that eradication is possible with ~ $2 billion more in funding annually and strong partnerships to develop and deploy the right tools, including new vaccines.
The Quote: “For too long, malaria eradication has been a distant dream, but now we have evidence that malaria can and should be eradicated by 2050,” said Sir Richard Feachem, co-chair of the Lancet Commission.


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