Going with the Gut: Gates Bets on the Microbiome

If Bill Gates could solve one problem, it would be malnutrition.

And with the the latest scientific advancements, it can be done in the next 20 years, Gates writes in The Telegraph, ahead of his Hawking Fellowship lecture at Cambridge University today.

The dominant image of malnutrition is children who are skin-and-bones, but even if a child survives wasting, it can bring on stunting—low height for one’s weight. This irreversible problem caused by early-life nutrition deficiency affects 1 in 5 children under 5.

Food is a major factor, but advanced probiotics that emerge from a growing understanding the gut microbiome are poised to be a key solution to malnutrition—as well as obesity, asthma, allergies, and autoimmune diseases, The Daily Mail reports.

Another Gates prediction: Gene editing will help banish malaria by 2040.

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