Incomplete Immunity Triggers New Ebola Guidelines

Ebola survivors, believed immune to reinfection, have played a welcome and vital role caring for Ebola patients in DRC.  
But a survivor’s death in July raised “a big red flag,” the WHO’s Janet Diaz says—forcing the WHO and DRC to reconsider the practice, Reuters reports. They’ve drafted guidelines—not yet released—warning of incomplete immunity for some survivors.
They’re proposing additional measures, such as barring survivors considered more vulnerable (due to other illnesses or pregnancy, for example) from working in danger zones.
Ebola surveillance suffered a setback this week as well.  Fighting between armed groups at an Ebola border screening point in South Sudan Sunday killed 3 International Organization for Migration aid workers, the agency reported yesterday. The organization suspended Ebola screening in 5 spots.

A female volunteer and a child were also kidnapped during the attack.

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