No Need to Limit Red Meat?

A new analysis questions the benefits of cutting back on red and processed meats, enraging nutrition experts who say the findings fly in the face of well-established research, Reuters reports.
The authors of new Annals of Internal Medicine papers say existing guidelines are based on “low-certainty evidence” and recommend not cutting back on processed meat, reports NPR’s The Salt.
Approach is at the heart of the debate.
Most nutrition science is based on observational studies, but these new papers used the GRADE system, which regards randomized controlled trials as the gold standard and is usually used to evaluate drugs.
Critics say the human diet is too complex to be studied this way, and the new studies may encourage people to eat more red and processed meats.
But Annals editor Christine Laine defended the analysis, say current guidelines are murkier than they may seem: "I think we should be honest with the public that we don't really know."

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