Not Easily Dismissed: Pollution Panel Speaks Up

he US EPA dismissed its panel tasked with setting air pollution standards last year—but the scientists assembled anyway, the Union of Concerned Scientists reports.
Yesterday they issued their consensus statement, concluding that the current “lenient” standards must be strengthened to protect public health. “There is no way for EPA to spin this otherwise,” says H. Christopher Frey, who led the panel.
Meanwhile, in London
Children in London are exposed to 5X more nitrogen dioxide air pollution traveling to school than any other time of day, a study from King’s College London reveals.
31% of participating children changed their commute as a result, New Scientist reports.
Another report, from London’s mayor Sadiq Khan, claims the city lowered air pollution by about a third in the urban center after introducing new restrictions last April, according to NPR—reducing daily trips by polluting vehicles by ~13,500.

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