Shifting HIV/TB Costs Will Cost More Lives

Funding for HIV and TB is falling off, as international donors try to shift more costs to affected countries—upping the risks of “epidemic rebound,” Médecins Sans Frontières warns in a report released yesterday.

HIV funding for low and middle-income countries fell by $1 billion in 2018; the funding gap for TB programs ballooned $3.5 billion per year, according to the UN.

The MSF report documents how the shortfalls are already hurting efforts to fight the diseases in 9 countries.
“Burden sharing should not lead to burden shifting,” says Mit Philips, a report co-author. “When projections of a country’s capacity to raise domestic resources turn out to be over-optimistic, this puts both health programmes and people’s lives at risk.”
The Global Fund replenishment conference in Lyon later this week—seeking $14 billion—marks an opportunity to get back on track, the Telegraph reports.

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