USAID Shuttered Disease Surveillance Program

The federal government has shut down USAID’s Predict surveillance program that sought out threatening animal viruses that could leap to human populations.

In its 10 years of existence, Predict cost $207 million and collected 140,000 samples from animals and discovered more than 1000 viruses. Another achievement: It trained 5000 people in 30 countries in Africa and Asia.

The Quote: “Predict was an approach to heading off pandemics, instead of sitting there waiting for them to emerge and then mobilizing. That’s expensive,” said Peter Daszak, the EcoHealth Alliance’s president. “The United States spent $5 billion fighting Ebola in West Africa.”

The New York Times

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Cynthia Stull
April 11, 2020

Did the USAID’s Predict surveillance program have a presence in Wuhan China before the program was shut down?
Thank you for any information,
C. Jane Stull RN, BSN, CNOR

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