The Cost of Insulin Inflation

The WHO rolled out its first insulin prequalification pilot program yesterday, aimed at expanding access to treatment in low- and middle-income countries.
The move is designed to release more safety-checked, affordable insulin onto the international market.
Nearly 100 years after Frederick Banting discovered insulin—and refused credit on the patent, calling it unethical to profit off a lifesaving drug—it’s too costly for many in need, Vox reports.

1 in 4 diabetes patients ration doses, suffering kidney failure, blindness, or even death. 

Manufacturers claim that new formulations come at a price—but effectiveness means nothing if patients can’t afford them.
“They are doing it because they can,” says researcher Jinh Luo. No US laws govern pharmaceutical price gouging, though lawmakers are pushing back. 
One solution may be a generic version. The FDA is working to streamline the process’s “extreme regulatory complexity.”

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