Lead-Laced Water Crisis Seeps Across Canada

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians could be drinking water laced with lead, according to a sweeping investigation led by Concordia University’s journalism school.
33% of 12,000 tests since 2014 exceeded Canada’s safety guideline of 5 parts per billion, The Toronto Star reportsMany cities show levels comparable to, or worse than, those uncovered in Flint, Michigan in 2015.

In Montréal, where up to 300,000 people could be affected, the mayor plans to spend $557 million replacing the public side of the lines, according to PRI.
Antiquated lead pipes and infrastructure are to blame—but Michèle Prévost, a Quebec engineering professor, noted another factor: Canada rarely releases lead testing data to the public.
“I’m shocked, I’m disappointed, I’m angry,” she says. “The one thing that’s really missing across Canada is transparency.”

Meanwhile, south of Canada, Flint is still reeling 5 years after its discovery dangerous lead levels. The “crisis has now migrated from its homes to its schools, where neurological and behavioral problems — real or feared — among students are threatening to overwhelm the education system,” the New York Times reports.


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