Millions of Haitians are Going Hungry—Did You Know?

Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise is calling for urgent humanitarian aid amid a crisis he blames on food insecurity—but after weeks of demonstrations, today Haitians are calling for him to step down, Deutsche Welle reports.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Americas, and getting aid to those in need has proven challenging as protestors block roads.

3.7 million people in Haiti are going hungry, but WFP said it needs to raise $2.9 million before it can deploy air and maritime support.

Yet the crisis has received shockingly little coverage, writes Jacques M. Merine, who sums up his take in this op-ed:

“For the last seven weeks, the following things have NOT been available in Haiti: gas, water, food, electricity, security, and hospitals. And if basic needs are not available to people, please don’t even think about justice.”

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