“Secret Science” Just Got More Sweeping

The latest draft of the EPA’s “secret science” rule proposes releasing raw data from almost every study considered in the agency’s rule-making—including confidential medical records, The Hill reports.

Architects of the proposal say it seeks transparency to avoid political sway in science; critics call it an excuse to further roll back environmental regulations, stymieing important studies whose data sharing is limited by confidentiality agreements.

Another new addition: The new rule would be retroactive, meaning it could undercut groundbreaking research now central to regulations—like the Six Cities study linking pollution to premature deaths, the New York Times reports.

The consequences for air, water and chemical regulations could be dire for public health.

The Quote: “Let’s call this what it is: an excuse to abandon clean air, clean water, and chemical safety rules,” said Andrew Rosenberg, chief of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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