Is Vitamin E the Villain?

US health officials have homed in on a likely source of vaping-related illness that have sickened 2,000+ and killed at least 40 so far, AP reports.

The CDC reviewed 1,000 substances including nicotine and plant oils. Just one turned up in all 29 samples collected from across 10 states: Vitamin E acetate,according to the agency’s weekly report.  

86% of those affected used THC vaping products, and many had purchased them from informal sources. 

Vitamin E acetate is used as a thickener in black market THC vaping products, but not nicotine products. It sticks to the lungs; a CDC official compared it to honey.

Animal studies may still be needed to establish a causal link between the chemical compound and lung damage, and whether other toxicants also play a role.

The CDC’s takeaway: Don’t use vapes containing THC, especially black market versions.

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