Cool Britannia!

On his way to yesterday's historic election victory, Boris Johnson paused on Wednesday to give TV commentators more than the cold shoulder. On his final day of campaigning, he ducked his entire frame into a refrigerator to ice out an interview with Piers Morgan.
In an incident quickly dubbed #fridgegate, cameras rolled live as BoJo fled to the fridge-cum-bunker during a visit to a small business called the Modern Milkman. In the background, a woman attempts to defrost the situation by offering up milkshakes.

If anyone knows good cringe TV, it’s Piers Morgan. His on-air reaction to the snub: “Love it. This is fantastic.”
Ushering in a brand new and very lame insult, Morgan later called Johnson a “Fridge-hider” on Twitter. Ouch! 
The Washington Post

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