Health Care Attacks Hit Record High

A record high number of attacks on health workers occurred last year—making care even harder to access by a growing number of people endangered by armed conflict, according to the UN’s latest humanitarian report.  
Making matters worse, more groups are flouting international law, ReliefWeb reports.
Amid protracted conflicts and extreme climate events, humanitarian need eclipsed predictions for 2019, the Guardian reports.
Key findings:

  • The first 9 months of 2019 saw 791 attacks on health workers and facilities, killing 171.
  • 12,000+ children were killed or maimed last year amid violent conflict, raising concern for a “lost generation.”
  • 168 million people will need humanitarian assistance in 2020; if climate change and armed conflicts continue unabated, that number could reach 200 million by 2022.
  • Yemen will remain the worst humanitarian crisis, and dire need will persist in Syria, the DRC, Somalia, the Sahel region and elsewhere.
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