HIV-Infected Children in Pakistan Missing out on Treatment

The first scientific study of the HIV outbreak in Ratodero, Pakistan shows an urgent need to ramp up efforts to control the outbreak and treat those infected, according to a London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine news release.
The outbreak, discovered last April, hit kids hardest: Of 930 people who tested positive, nearly 800 were children, says the London School’s Rashida Ferrand, senior author of the Lancet Infectious Diseases study. But by July, just 67% (395 out of 591) of the children registered for HIV care had started antiretroviral treatment; there aren’t enough drugs and trained staff to treat more.
The authors confirm that the virus spread mostly from contaminated needles and blood products, and propose urgent steps to prevent and treat pediatric HIV—including more drugs, training, and disease surveillance.

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