People with Disabilities Left Behind in Yemen

Conflict has overwhelmed Yemen’s public health and social welfare services—and its 4.5 million people with disabilities suffer disproportionately, Amnesty International concludes in a report marking today’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Many with limited mobility can’t escape the violence. Those who could flee often lack wheelchairs or crutches. Upon reaching camps, poorly designed latrines and aid distribution points rob them of their independence.

Humanitarian organizations can and should do more, Amnesty says.


  • Collect and analyze better disaggregated data on people with disabilities
  • Seek input from people with disabilities in planning aid
  • Provide better assistive devices and accessible latrines

Amnesty International

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Ny'Kobia Walker
December 16, 2019

a. The economics caused healthcare and case manager professionals to flee the area, putting their safety and wellbeing as priority over the displaced

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