Reasons to Celebrate, Worry on World AIDS Day

South Africa marked World AIDS Day yesterday by rolling out a “game-changing” HIV drug that is cheaper and has fewer side effects than its predecessors, the Guardian reports.
The plan is to get some 8 million South Africans onto the new treatment regimen by 2021—including 3 million not currently being treated.
South Africa accounts for some 20% of global HIV infections; the drug could halve new infections there by 2038, so the switch has major implications for the global AIDS fight. Globally, HIV infections are down 17% since 2010, but that’s still way far short of targets.
In Uganda, complacency is now a top concern after years of scaling back infections with its “abstinence, faithfulness, and condom use” strategy. The country’s swelling youth population was “not old enough to see the old HIV, how aggressive it was,” Uganda AIDS Commission chief Nelson Musoba, AP reports

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