Up in Smoke and Up in Arms

Sydney was cloaked in an “apocalyptic” haze yesterday as bushfire smoke overtook the city amid weeks of wildfires in the region. One nearby “megafire” is as big as the city itself, VICE News reports.
In some areas, the air quality index was 10X over “hazardous” levels—readings more common in China and India, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
Daily life in Sydney came to a standstill, but firefighters have been working nonstop to answer a huge surge in calls. Some were false alarms set off by lingering smoke—others by people with asthma needing urgent medical care.
Environment minister Matt Kean noted that climate scientists had predicted events like this.  
Some 20,000 protesters took to the streets Wednesday, blaming the situation on climate change and demanding leaders take action, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"Sydney is angry," said one protester.

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