Coronavirus Can Spread via Human Contact

As the Wuhan coronavirus spreads beyond China, officials now confirm the virus can spread through human contact—though the ease of transmission remains a mystery, STAT reports.
The latest updates: 

  • More than 300 cases have now been confirmed in China, Reuters reports.
  • 6 people have died
  • 15 health workers have been infected

A WHO emergency committee will meet tomorrow to consider declaring an international public health emergency—which could trigger trade and travel restrictions.
The US NIH has already started working on a vaccine against the new virus after Chinese researchers published its full genome, CNN reports.
But the virus’s origin remains unclear. Officials know it spread from animals to humans, but they don’t know what type and whether multiple animals could be behind the outbreak.  

Cases have now appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong province—and abroad in Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, according to Reuters. 

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