A Death in Wuhan

After one death was linked last week to the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, cases still appear to be connected to the seafood market where it was first discovered, Reuters reports.
Authorities reported today that a Chinese woman in Thailand—where crowds are flocking for the Lunar New Year—has been quarantined with the virus, Reuters reports.
Scientists welcomed China’s release of the virus’s genetic sequence on Friday, which will be key to producing diagnostic tools. The next step is identifying the animal species that transmitted the illness to humans, CIDRAP reports.
As of Saturday, no human-to-human transmission has been identified with this coronavirus—which is same family of viruses behind SARS but is more likely to cause respiratory infections like the common cold.
A laundry list of questions remain about the disease and its severity; Amesh Adaljalaid out a few in a commentary for The Hill.

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