Game Day Bait? Consider it Taken.

What we wouldn’t give to be in the writers’ room for the Super Bowl commercial that killed Mr. Peanut. The monocled monsieur perished in a Thelma & Legume-style desert cliff-dive, Vox—and every other news outlet—reports.
His funeral will be aired in, of course, another commercial.
The 104-year-old went the way of any true nut-job: sacrificing himself to save celebrity friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes after driving the NUTmobile into an armadillo.
"Always classy, always crunchy,” memorialized fellow mascot Mr Clean.
But mourning Mr. Peanut’s death made us wonder—was he ever really alive?
Twitter thinks so. After making multiple threats on Mr. Peanut’s life, Luke Taylor was banished from the site for bullying, he wrote in VICE.

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