Pharma Bro Oscars

Get ready to be outraged. 

The Lown Institute’s 3rd Annual Shkreli Awards came out yesterday. The tributes to pharma bro Martin Shkreli call out the 10 “worst actors in health care.” Here’s a couple: 

  • The director of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center’s heart and lung transplants told staff to keep a vegetative patient alive for 7 months after a failed transplant surgery—to improve survival rates. 
  • Dignity Health, California’s largest hospital provider, stuck one of its employees with a $900,000 medical bill because she hadn't enrolled through the company's website. The mother had called her health plan 3 days after giving birth to her daughter prematurely and had been assured she was covered. 

Hospitals, including some that garnished wages and seized assets of nonpaying former patients, snared 4 Shkrelis.

The Lown Institute

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