Shattered Lives in Yemen

There were signs of hope for peace in Yemen in the new year.
But while bombs may have stopped, the country is still haunted by disease and displacement, writes Susan Schulman in a powerful account in the Telegraph of returnees amid one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.
The 5-year conflict has killed over 100,000 and left millions reeling with disease outbreaks including swine flu and dengue, shattered infrastructure, and shortages of medicine and food, the AP reports.
In the town of Dhubab, Schulman found people who had returned in 2018, encouraged by signs of calm. But now, they are locked in a daily struggle for survival—with little hope of rebuilding and little faith in the international NGOs.
"There are organisations coming and photographing houses that have been destroyed - the organisations spend a lot of money on cars and a lot of money on people who work for them but not on people who need help,” says Abdul Hamid Muhammed El Musliman, the chief of Dhubab.

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