Vaccine a Year Away, Scientists Say

Australian scientists have created the first lab-grown recreation of the coronavirus outside of China, which could prove crucial in developing a vaccine and testing patients who don’t show symptoms, Reuters reports.

Still, scientists say a vaccine is likely over a year away, according to The Hill.

WHO experts will meet again today to reconsider whether to declare an international emergency as cases top 7,700 and 170 have died, AP reports.

Since yesterday, there have been 38 deaths and 1,737 new cases—and South Korea confirmed the first case of local spread outside of China, raising concern that the virus may be spreading more easily.

But experts warn that official numbers may be underestimated since it’s likely that milder cases are going unnoticed, according to STAT.

There is also growing concern about virus spreading in Africa, where potential cases are under investigation, The New York Times reports. “We know the systems there to find it and stop it are weaker there than elsewhere,” said former CDC director Thomson R. Frieden.

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