What Would It Take to End the HIV Epidemic in the US by 2030?

Editors’ Note: This week we will highlight 5 takes on ending HIV in the US by 2030, from the Fall 2019 issue of Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health magazine. Read the complete set here.

“Ending the HIV epidemic is at once the simplest and most complicated task facing us in medicine today. Simple because we have the tools to end the epidemic. Complicated because ending HIV requires us to take egalitarian, humane, and rational approaches to health care. Poverty, disengagement, stigma, discrimination, and apathy are our biggest challenges in ending the epidemic. We must overcome these all-too-human shortcomings and apply science and a commitment to justice to end the epidemic in our lifetime.”—Rajesh T. Gandhi, MD, is a professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of HIV Clinical Services and Education at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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