He Tried to Warn the World

Li Wenliang, the doctor who sounded a warning early in the coronavirus outbreak, lost his life to the virus early Friday a.m. in Wuhan—spurring an outpouring of grief and outrage, CNN reports.

Just 34 years old, he was silenced by the authorities after he warned other doctors about the emergence of a new SARS-like virus back in December. The police warned him to stop spreading “rumors.”

China’s anti-corruption agency pledged to investigate his death.

More News:

Pangolins are the most likely intermediate host (between bats and humans) for the novel coronavirus, South China Agricultural University researchers say. The genome sequence of the novel strain separated from pangolins was 99% identical to that from infected people, Reuters reports.

Sun Chunlan, one of China's vice premiers, says anyone with coronavirus symptoms must be taken to a quarantine centers. She declared: "There can be no deserters in a time of war. They will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever."

Johns Hopkins experts discuss the novel coronavirus, the current outbreak and the response in a 30-minute webcast moderated by GHN's Brian Simpson on Wednesday.

The Numbers (courtesy of Reuters):

  • Cases: 31,211
  • Deaths: 637
  • Countries reporting cases: 27
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