Hong Kong Washed its Hands of SARS—Now Comes Coronavirus

As Hong Kong braces for a surge in coronavirus cases, memories of the 2003 SARS outbreak are close at hand, NPR reports.
Some say Hong Kong hasn’t learned its lesson. While public transportation and schools are shut down, Hong Kong’s border with mainland China remains open—prompting thousands of medical professionals to go on strike.  
But some recall that the simplest of interventions were key to beating SARS—and any outbreak, really. “Religious” hand washing is the reason Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital had remarkably few SARS cases, according to Wing Hong Seto, who was head of infection at a the time.

recent paper makes the same argument for airports—MIT researchers found that improving hand washing among passengers at just 10 major airports could substantially slash the spread of infectious diseases in general, MIT News reports.

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