How to Romance a Public Health Nerd

As @thekrista says, “Public Health Valentine’s … We ruin everything!”

But you know what really kills the mood? Infectious diseases, foodborne illness, and heart disease! Public health is actually quite the cupid, thanks very much.

What could be more loving than these wise missives?

  • “Let's hold hands (after washing them)” (Our favorite this year, from GHN’s social media ace Nick Moran)

  • “Dear cigarettes: It’s not’s you.” Make sure your Valentine’s day plans include breaking up with tobacco. (Iowa Department of Public Health)

  • CDC: “I’ve been bitten by the love bug! But I use repellent so I don’t get bitten by ticks or mosquitoes.” (CDC)

Forget to get a Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart? Not to worry—the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has got you covered:

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