Kids Incarcerated

Incarcerated adolescents exhibit a troublingly high lifetime prevalence of mental and physical health challenges—from suicidal ideation to substance use, abnormal cervical screening results, and premature death, according to a Lancet Public Health review.  
Historically, children must pose a serious, specific threat to themselves or others to be detained, notes an accompanying commentary
Some US states have taken action with “raise-the-age” legislation to limit youth incarceration in adult facilities. Yet the rise in incarcerated immigrant children flies in the face of that progress, as do the unsanitary conditions and inadequate health care they face.
In sum, the conditions faced by child detainees “are most probably causing irrevocable harm.”

The global scoping review covered 245 studies—but most of them were conducted in high-income countries, and researchers highlighted the need for further study in lower-income countries.

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