Science “Mothballed” by COVID-19

With 760 million people in China under residential lockdown, scientific experiments in China are pretty much at a standstill, leaving researchers wondering how they can continue their work without compromising safety,Science reports
“When you’ve invested years of work into experiments, where do you draw the line about what’s considered essential?” said another researcher who is negotiating how to continue his animal studies while protecting staff.
But of course, coronavirus researchers—in China and elsewhere—are working overtime. Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention scientists released the largest study yet on that front yesterday—looking at 44,000 cases—and confirmed that the sick and elderly are most at risk, and 80% of the cases have been mild, according to the BBC.

The overall death rate is 2.3%, according to the study, published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology.

The research also underscores the grave risk to medical workers—amid news that a Wuhan hospital director died from the virus today.

Latest Numbers (from AP):

  • In mainland China: 72,436; 1886 deaths
  • Outside China: 827 infections; 5 deaths
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